What is the BSKC?

The BSKC is an arrive & drive karting championship that allows students to take part in competitive karting no matter their ability. This often appeals to students that are not actively involved in more traditional school sports.

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Championship Info


The British Schools Karting Championship 2020 is open to any school or college student aged 13 - 18 (as of 1st January 2020).

The championship is a team based sport.

Teams must consist of exactly 3 drivers from the same school / college – of these 3 drivers only 1 can have held a Motorsport UK Race licence at a level higher than National B Novice (further details available in the rules and regulations).

All drivers must be taller than 1.57m (5ft 2in) with shoes on.

Each team will enter in to a mandatory practice session (usually 20 mins per driver) and a local-final at your local participating circuit.

The total cost of entry into the practice session and semi-final is £60.00 per driver (£179.99 per team).

Discounts for 2020: the more teams you enter, the more discount your school will receive.

#teams Total Normal Price Discount Total price with discount Avg price per team
1 £179.99 no discount £179.99 £179.99
2 £359.98 no discount £359.98 £179.99
3 £539.97 no discount £539.97 £179.99
4 £719.96 5% £683.96 £170.99
5 £899.95 5% £854.95 £170.99
6 £1079.94 6% £1015.14 £169.19
7 £1259.93 7% £1171.73 £167.39
8 £1439.92 8% £1324.73 £165.59
9 £1619.91 9% £1474.12 £163.79
10 £1799.00 10% £1619.91 £161.99

The best teams in each region from the local-finals will qualify directly to the regional finals.

Those teams that are successful in the regional-finals will be invited to race in the national-final and have a shot at being crowned the British Schools Karting Champions of 2020.

For full rules of the BSKC download the BSKC 2020 Rules and Regs (PDF)

The Practice Session

The practice session will give all drivers the chance to familiarise themselves with the speed and the handling of the karts and learn the track inside-out so that when the racing starts, every driver is fully prepared.

Each team must enter a practice session.

The practice session events are usually split into 6 * 10 minute sessions with each driver of the team practicing in exactly 2 of them.

The practice sessions will take place during February 2020 at your local participating circuit.

The Race Event

The racing starts here in February!

The race events are also hosted at your local participating circuit.

The racing is usually split in to 6 * 10 minute races with each driver of the team racing in exactly 2 of them.

The points from all 6 races are added up at the end of the racing to work out the finishing position of each team.

A percentage of the teams on the night will qualify for the regional finals (usually around 25% but this is determined by the organisers closer to the time of the event).

The Regional Finals

The best teams from the local-finals are invited back to race in the Regional Finals!

There are several special circuits hosting the regional finals; one in each main area of the country.

The format of the racing will be same as in the local-finals.

The regional-finals is also free of charge!

The National Final

Those teams that are successful in the regional-finals will make it through to the National Finals!

The national final is to be hosted in June 2020 at a circuit to be confirmed..

The final is also free of charge!

The racing in the final will be very similar to the rest of the championship but will be confirmed closer to the event.

Larger Entries

Due to the massive interest in the BSKC, we have a special scheme to cater specifically for larger entries.

If your school or college intends to enter 8 teams or more then we would like to organise an exclusive practice session and local-final for your school.

The top 2 teams from your school will then be guaranteed direct qualification to the regional final.

For full details and benefits click here

In Summary

  • Schools may enter as many teams as they like.
  • Teams must consist of 3 drivers exactly.
  • All drivers must be at least 1.57m (5ft 2in) in height
  • Each team must enter in to both a practice session and a local-final
  • The total cost of entry for the entire championship is £179.99 per team.
  • Payment can be made by cheque or credit card
  • Teams that make it through the local-finals will be invited back to race in the regional finals (free of charge).
  • The best teams from the regional finals will then be invited back to race in the national final (free of charge).
  • All drivers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent / legal guardian.
    Note: A member of staff / parent may act as the guardian for all the drivers so long as the school has written permission from the drivers' parents.

More details

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Safety and risk: concerns


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