Exclusive BSKC Events

If you wish to enter 8 teams or more then we would like to organise an exclusive practice session and semi-final for your school.

Why exclusive?

The reason for this is that normal BSKC events are open to a maximum of 10 teams and we would like there to be a reasonable balance in terms of the number of teams between schools.

What are the benefits to my school / partnership?

Exclusive BSKC events have many benefits...

  • Dates and times can be arranged to suit your needs.
  • The top 2 teams in your school / college / partnership are guaranteed direct qualification to the regional final (i.e. the next round of the championship in your area).
  • Consider the exclusive events as your own internal championship!

Will it cost any more?

No! It won't cost you a penny more.

What if we want to enter 20 teams?

No problem. We will organise all the practice sessions and local final especially for your school.

What do I do now?

Please contact the British Schools Karting Championship on:

Tel:01252 978780

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