Safety & Risk


Arrive-and-drive karting is well established as a safe and exhilarating form of sport.

Indeed a whole professional industry is built around arrive-and-drive karting that services hundreds of thousands of customers every year. Customers include thousands of corporations, schools, youth groups and charities and of course the general public.

However, nearly all sports carry risks, and karting is no different.

Compare it to other forms of sport available such as rugby or hockey, then we firmly believe that karting is actually safer than these mainstream sports that are already available within schools. In fact there is research from the insurance industry to prove it.

Notable accidents are typically very rare such is the standard of professionalism in the karting industry.

It must also be noted that the speeds involved are relatively low compared to other forms of motorsport yet karting still manages to create an incredible buzz not possible outside of such a controlled motorsport environment. Maximum speeds on an indoor circuit are typically around 40mph. On outdoor circuits the maximum speeds are generally in the region of around 50mph.

All circuits hosting the British Schools Karting Championship are professional institutions with regular track inspections, staff training, and impeccable safety records.

All suits, helmets and gloves are provided by the hosting circuits at every British Schools Karting Championship event.

Safety briefings are conducted before every practice and race session as well to ensure that drivers adhere to the rules and regulations.

The karting industry takes the issue of safety very seriously and so does the British Schools Karting Championship.

Please note that karting can be dangerous, accidents can not be ruled out despite all safety precautions, and competitors take part in the championship at their own risk.


Risk assessments

Please find championship wide risk assessment which covers all circuits hosting the BSKC 2020:

Download the BSKC 2020 Risk Assessment

Letter to parents

It is essential that each competitor below the age of 18 is granted written permission from their parents / guardians to race in the British Schools Karting Championship.

To make things easier for you we have written a templated letter that can be sent out to parents to gain their explicit permission for their children to compete in the championship.

Download the letter to parents to get permission to race.


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