BSKC 2011 Champions VIP Tour of Red Bull Racing

Wed 20 Jul 11

BSKC 2012 Champions' VIP Tour of Red Bull Racing

Two pupils from Altrincham Grammar School for Boys who were on the winning team of the fifth annual British Schools Karting Championship were rewarded recently with a VIP tour of Red Bull Racing's state-of-the-art facility in Milton Keynes

The tour was organised by the British School Karting Championship (BSKC), which was set up in 2006 to bring competitive, cost-effective karting into UK schools, after Max McGuire (17), Zubair Hoque (14) and team mate Alex Wilson (15) beat 450 teams from 176 schools to take their place on the podium at the finals in March 2011.

BSKC 2012 champions at Red Bull Racing

BSKC 2012 Champions at Red Bull Racing: left to right: Zubair Hoque, Max McGuire, Eddie Hall (headmaster) & Mark Turner (BSKC)

Eddie Hall, deputy head of Altrincham Grammar, said: “This amazing experience has been the stuff of dreams for the boys but what they have learnt goes far beyond a fun day out. Karting has such wide-reaching educational benefits that can be fed into subjects as varied as science, maths, technology and engineering. The confidence all our students have gained in their ability since competing in the championships has given them the motivation to achieve more, both inside and outside the classroom. I’ll definitely be using the experience to fire up my students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.”

The BSKC is an arrive-and-drive national team-based karting championship for school and college students aged 13 to 18. As well as bringing the exhilaration of motorsport into classrooms without major expense, the organisation is set up to maximize the opportunity for cross curriculum development and help young people fulfil their potential.

After visiting Red Bull Racing, the boys got the chance to spend the afternoon trying out Arden International Motorsport’s cutting edge racing simulator.

BSKC 2012 champions at Arden International

BSKC 2012 Champions Zubair and Max at Arden International

Max Maguire said: “We had such a fantastic day. Winning the karting championship was a real team-building exercise, as I didn’t know the other boys on my team before we competed. We’ve had amazing support and interest from school staff and friends and I feel immensely proud that we could win on behalf of the school.

“In terms of motivation, I’ve always liked my school and the teachers, but I like them even more now for taking me racing!”

Mark Turner, Championship Manager at the BSKC said: “The one thing that you can get from karting that is hard to get from other team sports is the ability to see progression so clearly. You can do a lap, think about what you can do better, go again and you can see what you have learnt by the time on the stopwatch. For pupils, it brings to life the fact that effort in the right places can reap rewards, and that can have a significant knock-on effect educationally.

“We’re very grateful to Red Bull and Arden for supporting the BSKC and giving the boys an insight into some of the talent involved in producing a winning team. I can tell how inspiring it was to the boys just by looking at their faces as they walked around and hope it will motivate them – and others – to achieve in additional subjects that they might not have realised were relevant.”



Altrincham Grammar win the BSKC 2011

Mon 28 Mar 11

Altrincham Grammar win the 2011 British Schools Karting Championship

March 29th, 2011
The top 3 teams on the podium from the BSKC 2011

The top 3 teams on the podium at the BSKC 2011 Final

Milton Keynes – The fifth annual British Schools Karting Championship (BSKC) has been won by a trio of students from the Altrincham Grammar School for Boys (AGSB) in Bowdon, Cheshire.

Hours after Sebastian Vettel swept to victory at the Formula One season opener in Australia, Altrincham team-mates Max McGuire (17), Alex Wilson (14) and Zubair Hoque (14) fended off competition from over 30 schools and colleges from around the UK to clinch the BSKC title at the series finale at Daytona Milton Keynes.

The students will be rewarded with a VIP factory tour of Red Bull Racing’s state-of-the-art Milton Keynes facility – where Vettel’s Grand Prix-winning car was built – and also with a day of professional driver training in Arden International Motorsport’s cutting edge racing simulator.

At the end of Sunday’s 10 races Winterbourne International Academy (Sam Jenkins [16], Scott Rose [16] and Ross Goulding [16]) were runners up, just 3 points behind the squad from AGSB with last year’s BSKC champions, Hutcheson’s Grammar School, (David Wagner [18], Charles Wagner, [13] and Kerr McEwan [17]) taking the last podium position.

Altrincham Grammar School on pole for the final race

Altrincham Grammar School on pole for the final race

Sunday’s event marked the culmination of a championship which has been contested by over 1,350 students from over 450 teams, with schools from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all vying to become the British Schools Karting Champions of 2011. Teams battled through regional finals – 10 of which were hosted at venues across Britain – to win a place in the National Final, which was held on Daytona’s challenging 1360m circuit.

When the action got underway at the Buckinghamshire venue it was North Yorkshire’s Richmond School which stole an early march on its rivals, with a win, a second and a fourth from its first three races. As the competition progressed, several teams hauled themselves back into contention, including AGSB, Bristol’s Winterbourne International Academy (WIA) and last year’s BSKC champions Hutcheson’s Grammar School from Glasgow.

The Scots had a sizeable points advantage after the penultimate race, but by a twist of the alternating heat format

Drivers putting their interview techniques to practice

Drivers putting their interview techniques to practice

Hutchesons’ Grammar was not due to take part in the final sprint to the chequered flag – the team had already completed all of its six races.

As the lights went green for the championship-deciding race, AGBS’s Alex Wilson capitalised on pole position by slotting into the lead at turn one, with Northern Ireland regional final winners Regent House Grammar School in hot pursuit as the pack disappeared down to the bottom end of the circuit.

When the two leaders re-emerged at the top of the back straight, they had been joined by a hard-charging Luca Hirst from Bruntcliffe School in Leeds. A furious battle ensued in which Bruntcliffe muscled its way past Regent House and then set about hunting down AGBS for first.

Focusing on the race ahead

Focusing on the race ahead

Title contenders Richmond School and WIA started in 14th and 15th respectively, but despite good starts the two drivers found themselves dicing with each other in the midfield and losing precious time.

Meanwhile, despite a spirited defence, AGBS driver Wilson could do little to stop Bruntcliffe and Regent House scything past in the closing stages – but it didn’t matter. Altrincham’s third place was just enough for the Bowdon-based squad to overhaul Hutchesons’ Grammar School’s points lead and secure the 2011 British Schools Karting Championship.

The Winners - Altrincham Grammar School - Max McGuire (17), Zubair Hoque (14) and Alex Wilson (14)

The Winners - Altrincham Grammar School - Max McGuire (17), Zubair Hoque (14) and Alex Wilson (14)

Max McGuire, driver and team captain of Altrincham Grammar School, said: “It’s been a fantastic day. We didn’t get off to the best of starts, but we pulled it back at the end with some strong performances. The BSKC is an absolutely brilliant championship. It’s great fun, it’s competitive and it’s extremely cost-effective. I know several people who started off karting in this championship and are now looking to start racing professionally.”

Eddie Hall, Deputy Head at Altrincham Grammar School, said: “I’m really pleased for Max, Alex and Zubair because they’ve worked hard for this and they were up against some very tough opposition. What I particularly like about the BSKC is that it’s a departure from the kind of sports that schools traditionally take part in. There are often kids on the periphery who don’t get the chance to shine in those sports, so karting introduces something new and gives them a fantastic opportunity to share the limelight or discover a new talent.”

All photos courtesy of Alex Roache Photography

Full press release: download as PDF

Full Results
1 AGSB A 88 BSKC 2011 Champions
2 WIA 85  
3 Hutchesons' Grammar School A 84  
4 Robert Smyth Racing 79  
5 Richmond A 78  
6 Sawtry Community College 76 1 win
7 ColVIc GP 76 2 x 4th best result
8 TBSHS A 73 1 win
9 Bosworth College A 73 2 x 3rd place
10 Caterham School A 71 1 win but 6th determines place
11 CCB A 71 1 win, 7th next best result
12 Gateshead College A 68  
13 The Hurst 67 1 x 2nd place
14 Lutterworth College A 67 5th best result
15 Wellacre Academy C 66 3rd best result
16 Dunbar Grammar 66 4th best result
17 Prince Henry's A 66 5th best result
18 Felsted A 65  
19 Bruntcliffe A 63  
20 The Armthorpe School 61  
21 RGS A 58  
22 Regent House A 51  
23 LTA B 48  
24 Rainford A 46 3rd best result
25 Hartismere G 46 7th best result
26 BSCS A 45  
27 Bushey D 41  
28 Kenilworth 40  
29 Dumbarton Academy A 34  
30 The Winton School D 28  
31 Winterborne Wizards B 22  
32 FCC A Team 21  


BSKC 2011 Grand Final Prizes announced

Thu 24 Mar 11

BSKC 2011 Grand Final Prizes Announced

Just hours after Sunday’s opening Formula One Grand Prix in Australia, 33 teams representing their schools will be racing to win this year’s British Schools Karting Championship (BSKC) plus a chance to visit the World Championship winning Red Bull Racing F1 team.

After more than 100 karting events across the country and 10 hard fought Regional Finals the finalists will be lining up at the Daytona track in Milton Keynes on 27 March. The MSA’s award winning Go Motorsport initiative has worked closely with the BSKC with its Regional Development Officers attending many of the heats in their areas and promoting the Championship as part of their nationwide School Visits programme.

This year the BSKC is proud to announce that Red Bull Racing and Arden International Motorsport – a successful team that race in the F1 support categories of GP2 & GP3 – have been kind enough to offer fantastic prizes for the BSKC overall winners. Red Bull Racing will reward the Champions with a VIP factory tour of their Milton Keynes facility and Arden International Motorsport have offered the overall Champions a day of driver training in their state-of-the-art simulator. The Championship is indebted to Red Bull Racing and Arden International Motorsport for their support.

The 2011 BSKC has been contested by more than 450 teams. In excess of 1350 students have battled it out in ‘arrive & drive’ karts from Glasgow to Exeter and Belfast to Ipswich.

“The BSKC has given a fantastic opportunity for the students at Bradley Stoke to shine in a sport that is not promoted within school!” said James Male, Mathematics Teacher, Bradley Stoke Community School.

“The BSKC enables families to experience what karting is about and is something different to the usual school sports. I think this championship can only get bigger and better in the next few years. It holds amazing potential for thousands of school children in the future,” enthused Zoë Wenham, Team Captain and driver, Prince Henry High School.

“The BSKC has given a chance of success to individuals who may not have the opportunity to shine in other disciplines, be it sport or academia,” added Jean-Claude Danti, Teacher, Dumbarton Academy.

The BSKC is now run by one of the oldest clubs in motor sport, the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC), who also run the British Touring Car Championship and a host of the most recognisable UK race series. The BSKC is in its 5th year and has grown quickly giving schools access to a competitive yet cost effective arrive & drive karting format.

The nationwide Championship aims to get karting into schools, allowing young drivers to experience the thrill of competitive motor sport and take the motivation and enthusiasm of the racing back into the classroom. The team based Championship attracts all levels of skill from complete novice drivers to those competing in national and international kart racing.


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