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Permission to race: Parents / Guardian

For drivers under the age of 18, a legal guardian or parent must be with you at all the championship events. They will have to sign the disclaimer forms on your behalf on each event day.

Your school may also ask for the permission of your parents / guardians for you to compete in the championship.

To make it easy for you to organise this, we've created a letter for your school to send to parents / guardians to seek their permission for you and your team(s) to race.

You can download the letter here

Risk Assessment

Karting is a sport that involves an element of risk.

In our opinion the risk of injury taking part in a karting event is much smaller than taking part in other sports such as rugby, hockey, sailing, skiing and, in our opinion, is less dangerous than even driving on the main roads.

In order to help you organise the paperwork for your school's entry into the championship we have put the championship risk assessment online for you to download.

You can download the risk assessment from the safety concerns section of the website.

Karting fitness

Kart racing is a physically intensive sport. If you're not fit, get fit because it's essential.

While you don't need to be as fit as an F1 driver (that would be ridiculous), you're going to be racing for 20 minutes in a kart which can be knackering if you're not prepared for it.

If you want to do well then you need to be 100% mentally alert at all times. As soon as you start feeling physically tired, you will start to make mistakes. So we recommend making sure you're physically fit before competing.

We recommend swimming or rowing as the best form of exercise.

Learn the circuit

Get an idea of how to drive the circuit before you get there by watching the video and studying the track map of your local participating circuit

Challenge a local school

If you have some friends at a school nearby, why not challenge them to race in the British Schools Karting Championship.

Email us about the challenge and we'll publicise it in the local press for you. Email us at

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