The National Final

Welcome to the final of the British Schools Karting Championship 2019.


The timings are a guideline only

1000Practice Sessions Start
1115Racing Starts
1400Racing Ends

Please note that the exact finish time is an estimate and may well finish later.

The Circuit

The final will be run on Whilton's fleet of Sodi karts on their full 960m 'national' circuit.

There are a few key corners to the circuit:

  • Turns 1&2 – Fast! Flat out left into a sweeping right. Easy to get the kart sideways here though. Scrub those tyres too much on the exit and you’ll lose the drive you need to get up the hill towards turn 3 so be smooth!
  • Turn 3 – Heavy braking zone into a tight right hand. Positioning is key. It’s easy to lose a couple of places if you find yourself hung out on the outside of this corner.
  • Turn 5 – Slow hairpin right. Again watch out for late braking karts nipping up the inside!
  • Turn 9 – The Boot. Heavy braking zone into a sharp left hand turn. Get it wrong and you’ll be on the grass at the exit or passed up the inside. Get it right and you can slingshot around turns 10 & 11!
  • Turn 12 – Pit Bend. A fast right hand on to the start finish straight. Over run the apex and you’ll be in the barrier. Extra speed here lasts all the way through to turn 2.

If it's wet, you'll find a lot of grip off from the racing line.

Race Format

The format will be exactly the same as in the regional finals:

Each team will race in 6 races, with each driver doing exactly 2 races each.

The best 5 race results (out of the 6) will count toward your final team score.

The team with the most points will be crowned champions of the BSKC 2019!

Practice Sessions

Prior to the racing, each driver will get 8 minutes of practice on Saturday morning.

Whilton Mill are also laying on a few extra optional practice sessions on Friday 28th June.

The sessions booked are in the Friday afternoon.


Schools that are more than 100 miles from Whilton Mill and are finding it hard to finance the travel to the circuit can apply to the BSKC for a travel bursary.

Risk Assessment

For those who need to verify Whilton Mill's Risk Assessment you can find it here

Best of luck,

Pauline Hillon
Championship organiser