What teachers say about BSKC

Karting isn't something that an all girls grammar school like ourselves would consider as part of the extra curricular activities, so it took a bit of persuading to get the go ahead from our senior management. Your information packs and safety policies helped persuade them that it would be a well organised event where safety was a top priority to all involved. The event was run very well by Eddie Irvine's karting team in Bangor, and although we were not good enough to progress the girls came away with a sense of achievement.

Andrew McClelland
Bloomfield Collegiate School

I can not stress enough how important it is for a school to have such an opportunity to motivate pupils, generate enthusiasm and develop a team spirit. The BSKC has given a chance of success to individuals who may not have the opportunity to shine in other disciplines, be it sport or academia. It has provided youngsters with a safe introduction to driving where the emphasis is on self control and safety. All this was only made possible due to our involvement with the BSKC and we would like to thank you most sincerely for your efforts in organising this unique and worthwhile event.

Jean-Claude Danti
Dumbarton Academy

Hartlepool Sixth Form College has been involved the British Schools Karting for the last two years. As a Further Education Sports Co-ordinator as part of my remit I have to improve participation levels within sport, I have found that Karting is a way of encouraging young people who would not normally have taken part in sport to get involved. The set up at the BSKC is very efficient and supportive.

Jean Ash
Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Woodchurch High School has competed in the British School Karting Championships for a number of years. The school has found it rewarding for pupils on a range of levels. Karting as a school activity covers a wide range of educational, academic, technological, social and sporting subjects. It provides a tremendous stimulus to all concerned. Pupils are often motivated to attempt work previously considered to be too advanced or technically difficult, and teachers can often control and channel this to good effect.

Ms R Phillips
Woodchurch High

We engaged over 30 hard-to-reach kids. The thrill of the qualification had kids who are generally apathetic and disengaged absolutely buzzing and it was a major talking point with young people organising leader boards and discussing racing lines. The young peoples reaction to getting into the school team was unbridled pride, one young man who has skipped more school than he has attended in the last year rang his mum up to tell her he had made the school team as soon as he found out

Thomas Hall
Brownhill Learning Community School

The British Schools Karting Championship is a unique opportunity for learners with an interest in any aspect of motor competitions to engage with their passion whilst representing their school or college. At Dyffryn Taf School we use the Championship as a motivational opportunity for students. We engage in aspects of the curriculum to support their preparation. Mostly it offers a sense of purpose and direction to students who tend to perform better academically as a result of engagement in this programme.

Robert Newsome OBE
Dyffryn Taf

We have entered teams over the last 3 years as it has given the opportunity for our pupils to experience an activity and competition that is outside the boundaries of what we can provide as a school. The format has been very successful and has enabled me to engage a broad range of age groups and abilities, all those that have participated have enjoyed it thoroughly. As a result the competition has become something to be looked forward to on the calendar.

Jamie Rogers
North Bromsgrove High School

We were able to use the event as a 'carrot' for certain students who may not have been pulling their weight in various subjects. The event has also had a 'knock on' effect already. I have a list of students who wish to apply for the forthcoming BSKC championships, and it is growing. This means that we are able to encourage more positive performance & behaviour in the students who wish to take part - we couldn't ask for more of an impact!

Andy Ridyard
The Clarendon College

For many this was a first experience of a fantastic sport, one where you have to be cool headed as much as skillful and quick! Kart racing for most people is far too expensive to do especially if you are to compete in a championship so the BSKC offers an excellent opportunity and if I was to list what we got from it I'd say: New friendships. Safe, competitive karting, well organized throughout with professional people. Represented our school and recognized for our achievements, none of us had ever got that with sport!

Ben Dillon
Caterham School