working with teachers

BSKC is designed very much with teachers at the heart of what we do. We want to minimise disruption to you and your pupils and avoid wherever possible for pupils to be taken out of lessons with events being held after school hours for the practice and local finals. Paperwork is not fun for anyone so we ensure this is kept to an absolute minimum and wherever possible we will assist you to ensure your workload on BSKC is minimal. 


Karting and motor sport, in general, are an educational gold mine and BSKC has an outstanding track record in kickstarting students’ enthusiasm both on and off track. The championship can also help schools and colleges meet GATSBY benchmarks 3,4 and 5.

In collaboration with our partner Fast Forward Vocational Training, we have developed engaging and educational BSKC curriculum materials for your school to use back in the classroom. We want to ensure the thrill, enjoyment, and benefits of karting last long past the pupil’s time on track.

Our greatest objective with the BSKC is that time on track coupled with our educational resources will unlock and spark enthusiasm for STEM-based learning through the excitement of motorsport for the future generation.