How much time does it take to register for BSKC?

Our registration and payment process should take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Before you race you will be asked to complete our standard pre-registration form which will be emailed across.

How much time does competing in BSKC take?

Competitors will attend one practice session and one local final, each of these will take place after school and will last around 2 hours start to finish. For competitors that progress on to the regionals and finals they will attend additional sessions, again after school and taking around 2 hours each.

Does a teacher have to attend the sessions?

We like to have a teacher from each school on site but if this is not possible then as long as the correct paperwork is completed a parent can act as loco parentis.

Do you provide everything?

All safety equipment including ozone sanitised racewear and helmets are provided for all drivers. Drivers will attend a safety briefing each visit before heading out on track.

Do other schools help to fund the BSKC entries?

Yes, but this is entirely down to the schools. Teams get support that ranges from 100% (including all travel) to 0% and everywhere in between. Schools have used funds from a great number of different sources (STEM, Talented & Gifted, fundraising events etc).

How do other schools use the BSKC?

This is different for every school. Take a look at a few of the case studies that have been published for some fantastic examples.

How old do the students have to be to take part?

Any age from 13 to 18 years old as of 1st January 2023 for the BSKC 2023.

If students are under 18 does a teacher/ parent / guardian need to attend the events?

Yes. All drivers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a member of staff or parent acting in loco parentis. One adult acting in loco parentis can sign on behalf of all competing students from a single school.

How many drivers to a team?

There must be 3 drivers exactly in your team for all events – of these 3 only 1 can have held a Motorsport UK Race license at a level higher than Karting National B Novice.

Can drivers be changed between teams after the practice session?

Schools that enter more than one team can change drivers between teams after the practice session. Schools that only enter one team can’t add new drivers to the competition.

Can a team skip the practice and just do the local-final?

No. In the interest of safety all drivers have to demonstrate experience of driving the karts, and that they know the circuit before racing in the local-finals, this will be achieved in the practice session.

What if a student has a Motorsport UK kart racing license?

BSKC is not a Motorsport UK event so all students will still have to drive in the practice session.

What if we can't make the practice session?

The practice session dates are circulated months in advance to allow people adequate time to clear the schedules to make the agreed date.

What is the minimum height?

All competitors must fit into one of our adult karts. This requires an inside leg measurement (measured from the crotch to the base of the heel, whilst wearing shoes) of 29 inches or more.

How many teams can a school enter?

There is no limit to the number of teams a school can enter. If your school enters 8 teams you will have your own events and guarantee teams get into the Regional Final!

How much does the championship cost to enter?

£50.00 per driver (£150 per team) this includes the practice race and the local final. For teams that reach the Regional Final they will be required to pay a further £60 per team. For any teams that reach the Final this will be FREE.

How much will the National Final cost?

Again, nothing! It is free of charge to those teams that qualify.

How do we pay for entry in to the championship?

For any other questions, please email i[email protected]