The British Schools Karting Championship is a highly engaging team-building event for teenagers aged 13-18 years.  By competing in BSKC they get hands-on experience of the world of Motorsport.  Moreover, the event has been proven to boost interest and motivation amongst students long after they leave the track. Many schools, colleges, academies, and PRU’s will also be eligible to receive funding for this extracurricular activity.  


Over the past 15 years, BSKC has been regarded as a real highlight of the school calendar. It is unique in the way it provides all students, regardless of ability or any prior experience, the opportunity to get fully involved in a sport.  Many students who were not actively involved in more traditional school sports have excelled in BSKC. We remove all the stress from teachers and parents by making the championship as logistically simple, affordable, and inclusive as possible.


Competing in BSKC provides a welcome reward and motivation for all students during the practice and race sessions. However, teachers and education providers can extend the benefit of BSKC into the classroom, by incorporating the FREE education resources provided as part of their lesson planning once back in the classroom. We are proud to work in partnership with Fast Forward Vocational Training who supports us with the development of STEM-based learning materials. The championship can also help schools and colleges meet GATSBY benchmarks 3, 4 and 5.

Identifying Future Champions

BSKC also works in collaboration with the UK governing body, Motorsport UK, and Europes #1 in Indoor Go Karting, TeamSport Karting.  Together we are incredibly proud to represent the past, present, and future of Motorsport in the UK. By encouraging participation at the grassroots level in a safe, fair, affordable, and inclusive manner we aspire to provide the opportunity for individuals to realise their potential in motorsport.  

The Bigger Picture

By supporting BSKC you are having a direct positive impact on driving the change in motorsport, encouraging diversity and inclusivity enabling more children to realise their potential in a sport they may otherwise never try, directly having a positive contribution to wider society.

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