What is the BSKC?

The BSKC is an arrive & drive karting championship that allows students to take part in competitive karting no matter their ability. This often appeals to students that are not actively involved in more traditional school sports.

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Logistical impact

Where possible the BSKC is designed so that students are not taken out of normal lessons. The early events are held in February after school. We also keep our paperwork to a minimum (we know how much you already have to do) and we will help with outside activities approval forms where we can.

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  • Check out our education resources
  • Karting and motor sport in general are an educational gold mine. Many of the schools that participate use the BSKC to motivate students toward classroom achievement as well as reward those that have excelled.

    We have developed special BSKC curriculum materials for your school to use back in the classroom.


  • Find out more about our safety policies
  • Like most competitive sport, motor sport carries an element of danger. In our opinion the arrive-and-drive karting on offer in the BSKC is far less dangerous than other sports widely available at schools such as rugby and skiing.

    We have worked with many schools and county councils to add the BSKC to the approved activities lists. Please contact us if you need help with approval or insurance.

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    Full championship info

    To find out more about the championship including registration and entry fee details head to the championship information page


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