BSKC in the Newcastle Chronicle

Championship gearing up for racing in the North

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Motor Sport News

BARC take over the running of the BSKC indefinitely.

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Karting Magazine

BSKC Finals coverage in the latest issue of Karting magazine:

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BSKC on Sky Sports F1

Sky Sports F1 coverage of the final of the British Schools Karting Championship 2013 final at Whilton Mill

School Sport Magazine

Info piece about the BSKC in School Sport Magazine:

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The BSKC in the TES

How the BSKC can be used to motivate and educate:

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The BSKC on Radio Silverstone

Radio Silverstone interview with BSKC organiser Mark Turner:

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The power of motorsport to inspire change

An article by The Wheels Project on how they use the BSKC to inspire changes in behaviour:

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How to bring out students' talents

An article published in Gifted & Talented describing how karting can be used to broaden horizons, celebrate talent and directly feed back to the classroom:

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Unleash the competitive spirit in girls through karting

An article published in Practice Matters describing the many positive benefits of the BSKC to girls:

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Ponteland High School on North East Tonight


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