The championship brings the thrill of motorsport into your school without major expense and can provide a wide variety of opportunities to build the curriculum around the excitement and motivation of participatory motorsport.

The BSKC provides more than just a fun opportunity to race. The BSKC can enable your school to:

  • Motivate students and staff - raised motivation = raised achievement
  • Develop organisation, teamwork and management skills in students
  • Bring STEM to life and enables you to bring real life STEM study into the core curriculum using the BSKC teacher support material
  • Find and develop the hidden talents of the Gifted and Talented
  • build an exciting and motivational curriculum project in Key Stage 3 using the BSKC curriculum kit
  • Develop staff and student relationships through this unique competition
  • Bring real motivation and the desire to learn to examination subjects using the BSKC examination projects
  • Improve behaviour by developing the desire to learn through the motivation to be the best

Educational resources

We have created a whole set of resources for you to use back in the classroom as well as provide insight in to the various funding streams that can be accessed for the BSKC projects

Personal Development & School Council

Analysis of how the BSKC and the BSKC curriculum projects support personal development:


Sources of funding

Some direction on where participation in the BSKC can support various initiatives in schools and the funding streams available to those initiatives:



Some resources specifically for STEM club: